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We are an accredited Waldorf School and one of over 1000 Waldorf schools in over 60 countries around the world. Come in for a tour to discover how the Waldorf curriculum cultivates confidence, creativity and a love of learning in its students.



Accepting Kindergarten Registration

Come and let your child pick a seat in our warm and nurturing Kindergarten classrooms. 

How can you prepare young children for academic excellence?

Educate their whole being
Awaken their senses by following daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms
Encourage creative thinking and problem-solving by protecting their sense of wonder
Provide sacred places for rest and play


Find out how a Waldorf Education can give your child a foundation for life.  Call Siobhan at 905-331-4387 for your tour today.

Now accepting appications for Kindergarten and Grade school.




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“Waldorf taught me how to think for myself, to be responsible for my decisions.”

Kenneth Chenault
Harvard Law School, Former President and CEO, American Express



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