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A Love of the Environment

Children love nature – the trees, the animals, the streams, flowers and butterflies. Waldorf education deepens this love in such a way that it becomes a foundation for both the scientific and the practical approach to nature. A love of nature, an understanding of natural processes and active care for the environment – are the three levels on which our Waldorf students of all ages learn to live in partnership and cooperation with the living world.


At Halton Waldorf School, we believe enabling students to become stewards of our fragile planet. This cannot be done simply through instruction by a teacher but rather through developing an early and sustained connection to the earth. Our students are engaged in many practical tasks and a love for the outdoors is nurtured throughout our curriculum. If we’re going to save and renew our planet, it requires people with strong relationship to it. Everything we do at Halton Waldorf School surrounds our approach to developing our students into young adults who will be ready to take on this challenge.

Efforts for a Sustainable Future

With our environmental history in mind, we look to our future. From design development to construction, to ongoing operations, Halton Waldorf School embraces our environmental leadership. Sustainability is not merely a program but a Waldorf education standard – a conscious and intentional approach to every step that we take.


Our faculty and students alike are engaged in our energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling and green bin usage, and additional environmental protections. We are passionate about doing our part to nurture the beautiful environment that surround and inspire us. Our school continues to embrace an environmental sustainability policy that reduces waste and encourages energy and water efficiency.


Constant accountability makes us a true partner in environmental sustainability efforts.

Yes, We Play Outside in the Rain!

Halton Waldorf School celebrates our connection as human beings to the natural world. All of our students spend time outdoors every day, and all play materials, classroom decor, festivities, food and stories told in the classroom revolve around the changing seasons. Being outdoors in all kinds of weather establishes a strong connection to nature and encourages hands-on exploration. In the outdoors, children use their imagination, dig and collect, organize and collaborate.

Demonstrated ownership of our natural world
Burlington Green Icon.png
Great Green Idea Challenge
Winner, presented by Burlington Green (2014)
Burlington Green Icon.png
Halton's Greenest School 
Winner, presented by Jane Goodall (2012)
Recycling Council Ontario Icon.png
Waste Free Lunch Challenge
Winner, presented by Recycling Council of Ontario (2011)
Halton Region Icon.png
Halton Youth Environmental Excellence Award
Winner, presented by Gary Carr and the Region of Halton
Green Apple Icon.png
Green Apple Grants
Recipient, presented by Metro (2009, 2010 and 2011)
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School Environmental Award
Winner, presented by Burlington Green (2009)
Halton Region Icon.png
Conservation Halton Awards of Excellence History

Presented to a landowner who demonstrates stewardship excellence in protecting the natural environment of their property.


Awarded to Halton Waldorf School (2001) by Conservation Halton.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 12.45.24

Halton Waldorf School's Waste Warriors is a team of 24 grade 5 to 8 student volunteers are active on twice a week to manage and sort waste from the school. The club also educates others about greening. 

Led by teacher Tara Thornton.

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