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Class Fundraisers

Class fundraisers are an integral part of the Waldorf experience.
Beginning in the first grade, and every year thereafter, classes organize and operate fundraising activities of various kinds. Sometimes these are live events (class plays and concerts), or maybe it's a bake sale, a snack bar at a school sporting event,
hand-crafted calendars, wreaths, books or branded hats! Without the generosity and support of the student's parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends, these fundraisers would be fruitless. Each class spends their earnings on important milestones. The funds raised might off-set an expensive class trip, supplement the cost of a class-play, or go towards a fabulous graduation dinner and celebration. Class fundraising teaches the students the value of hard-work, team-work, organization, and the power of community.


Your support goes a long way!

Grade 7 Book Sale (1)_edited.jpg
Anthology Pre-Order - Grade 7

The grade 7 class wrote and published a book!

This 400+ page literary masterpiece

is chock-full of original work. It includes epic tales of adventure and friendship, poetry, haiku, illustrations, puzzles, and recipes from 16 bright and bushy-tailed students who KNOW you’ll laugh, squirm, flinch, laugh some more, and maybe even cry!

Pre-order on School-Day before Friday, May 3rd, to ensure your books arrive for pick-up at this year's May Fair.

Mabel's Labels - Grade 8

Get your label's from renowned Mabel's Label and you'll also help the grade 8 class raise funds when you select "Halton Waldorf School" as the school to support!

Click on the link below, enter "Halton Waldorf School" as the fundraiser, and get your children's items labeled so they always find their way back home! 

Warmth & Weather - Grade 4

Explore Warmth & Weather's range of Merino wool and silk base layers, versatile mid-layers, and reliable outerwear for the entire family, ensuring the kids (and YOU) are prepared for any weather that comes your way.

When you buy using this link the Grade 4 class receives
a 10% commission on every sale. Thank you for
supporting our community and our partnership with Warmth & Weather.

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