The Halton Waldorf School, nestled in northeast Burlington, is an independent, non-publicly funded school, offering early childhood programs, elementary grades and high school. 

As a non-profit organization and registered charity, we are an inclusive community with families of diverse cultures, and within our resources, we strive to support socioeconomic diversity through our financial assistance program.

The Halton Waldorf School is accredited by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and we are full members of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America. We are also members of the Ontario Federation of Independent Schools.

Our History



The Halton Waldorf School opened its first kindergarten class of 16 children in a temporary site in Campbellville in 1984. Each year thereafter a grade one class was added until the school grew to include all of the grade levels from one to eight.


Throughout our pioneering stage we received great support from the Toronto Waldorf School and the Waldorf School Association of Ontario.


In 1988, several Oakville families became interested in starting a Waldorf kindergarten for their children, and worked with the Halton Waldorf School to establish a satellite classroom. This became The Lakeshore Waldorf Kindergarten, which thrived on its own for several years.


As each of the campuses expanded, the faculties and boards of Halton Waldorf School and Lakeshore Waldorf Kindergarten decided to amalgamate as the Halton Waldorf School.


We opened the doors in January 2000 at our present location, 2193 Orchard Road, in northeast Burlington on a beautiful forested property.

What People Say


Being relatively new to Halton Waldorf, I dove right in and became engaged in the school community. The Parent Association was a tremendous opportunity to understand all the work, care, and consideration that goes into the operations of the school.


The best interests of the children are truly at heart.


It is thanks to the Halton Waldorf School that I keep a very open mind and am interested in all that goes on around me.


I truly love what I do and am constantly learning and eager to learn more.

Class of 1999 


I have enjoyed being part of the Parent Association and Board of Directors.


It has given me the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how our school works as well as getting to meet some wonderful people!

Meet the members of our faculty and school leadership