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Parent Association

Many Hands Make Light Work

Children perceive the importance of school life through our involvement. Supporting our children’s education through volunteering helps build a strong school community, and allows us opportunities to get to know one another better.


All parents are invited to participate as much as possible in school-wide events, committees or areas of service each year.

There are two elements of parent involvement at HWS. At the class level, there is the Shared Responsibility Model. This model allows families of each class to prepare for and share the class tasks throughout the school year. Parents commit to their class-level roles at the first class meeting, in September (PA Rep and Treasurer roles are filled in advance).

2022-2023 EXECUTIVE

Chairs: Sandy Kwan & Christian Donath

Treasurer:  Mariana Vieweghova

Faculty Liason: Ms.Inderpal Wig

Sunflower Preschool: Tara Gilory

Dandelion KG: Anne Millar & Biljana Spasic

Acorn KG: Karen Tallman & Hanh Armstrong

Monarch KG: Emilie Cote

GR. 1: Patrycja Dahl

GR. 2: Milena Donath & Jenna Puletto

GR. 3: Mariam Rehman

GR. 4: Rebecca Markey & Candance Trenton

GR. 5: Jogesh Dhir & Lauren Heffernan

GR. 6: Kerrie Olejarz & Jennifer Pires

GR. 7: Cynthia Anderson

GR. 8: Monica Henderson & Mariana Vieweghova

Gr. 9:  Yvonne Sinniah & Candance Trenton

Gr. 10: Heidi Clelland-Sauer & Kamila Wesierski

Gr. 12: Angela Del Franco

For more information about the Parent Association at Halton Waldorf School, please contact our PA Chair at:

Tree Planting

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