Halton Waldorf School

2193 Orchard Rd

Burlington, Ontario 

Canada  L7L 7J8

Email: info@haltonwaldorf.com

Phone: 905-331-4387

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Founded in 1984, Halton Waldorf School is an independent, accredited Waldorf school serving students in Burlington and the surrounding area. We offer programs from parent and child through grade 10 and will have a full high school by the 2021-2022 school year. HWS is a place to grow intellectually, artistically and socially. Our early years programming is accredited by WECAN. Our grades 1 through 8 are accredited by AWSNA. 

Registered Charity Number: 119236586RR0001


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Faculty & Staff



Judi Remigio

Parent & Child Teacher

Rihana Rutledge

Lead Preschool Teacher

Melina Marin

Preschool Assistant

Maria Agostini

Preschool Assistant

Lauren Tierney

Preschool Assistant



Aniko "Ani" Gereb

Lead Kindergarten Teacher

Afra Zhang

Lead Kindergarten Teacher

Shannon Aitkin

Lead Nature Kindergarten Teacher

Jennifer Carley

Kindergarten Assistant

Caroline Mya Thida Cho Terzi

Kindergarten Assistant

Juan Wang

Kindergarten Assistant

Marite Donayre

Nature Kindergarten Assistant

Vinita Jain

Nature Kindergarten Assistant


Elementary School

Beth Henderson

Grade 1 Class Teacher

Alla Markh

Grade 2 Class Teacher

Grade 3 Class Teacher

Suzanne Hill

Grade 4 Class Teacher

Tara Thornton

Grade 5 Class Teacher

Hebba Fahmy

Grade 6 Class Teacher

Lylli Anthon

Grade 7 Class Teacher

Ryan Makin

Grade 8 Class Teacher

Arpik Poghosyan

French Teacher

Helena Rakic

French Teacher

Birgit Fulda

German & Handwork Teacher

Tim Brow

Woodwork Teacher

Sian Jones

Educational Support

Elizabeth White

Art Teacher & Art Therapist

Christian Bell-Young

Music Teacher

Sandra Bohn

Strings Teacher

Ruth Hoffman

Violin Teacher

Misa Deathe

Physical Education Teacher

Emma Livesey

Movement Teacher

Michael Chapitis

Eurythmic Therapist


High School

Tamlyn Pickering

High School Coordinator
Math & Science Teacher

Benjamin Glatt

Language Arts Teacher

Kim DeBon

English Teacher

Christian Bell-Young

Music Teacher

Elizabeth Henstock

Art Teacher

Eszter Pigott

Chemistry & Biology Teacher

Arpik Poghosyan

French Teacher

Yo Mustafa

Evening Drama Instructor

Patricia Mac Master

Guest Teacher

Misa Deathe

Physical Education



Heather Church

Interim Pedagogical Director

Siobhan Hughes

Administrative Director

Angela Marlatt

Advancement & Communications Officer

Emese Laszlo

Finance Administrator

Otilia Picazo


Nafiseh Nasiri

Administrative Coordinator

Samantha Peris

Admissions Manager

Tamlyn Pickering

High School Coordinator

High School Coordinator
Math & Science Teacher

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