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Our Mission


Halton Waldorf School is a school community in which students become thoughtful, resourceful, confident young people who are prepared to navigate the world with resilience and a sense of purpose and belonging.

We provide a holistic educational program of humanities, maths, sciences, world languages, music, and movement, as well as fine, practical, and performing arts, in a vibrant experiential learning environment that is connected to nature and community.


Our mission is to enrich and strengthen each child’s potential to become a knowledgeable, reflective, and compassionate citizen of the world.

We support a maturing sense of self and relationships to others and the world, and cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

Based on the insights of anthroposophy and the understanding that human beings have a body, soul, and spirit, both pedagogy and curriculum aim to develop capacities of thinking, feeling, and willing in each stage of childhood.


We are committed to being an inclusive community rich in diversity of spiritual, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Faculty and board work actively with the insights of anthroposophy as expressed by Rudolf Steiner, pertaining to child development, pedagogy and curriculum, self-development, and governance.

Through what Rudolf Steiner described as the art of teaching, our teachers cultivate a sense of wonder in their students. Based on knowledge, observation, and inspiration, they provide opportunities for active engagement, authentic experiences, mastery of skills, and joyful learning. This supports the development of physical, social, emotional, artistic, and intellectual capacities.

In governance we strive to apply Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the threefold social organism which meets the different qualities and requirements of the economic, legal, and cultural spheres.

We are committed to innovation and continual improvement to best serve our students and community.

We cultivate gratitude, reverence for the earth, and appreciation of beauty. We are stewards of our social and natural environment.

We strive to listen actively and to bring courage and humility to our interactions, working out of consensus wherever appropriate.

We work to balance form and freedom in our governance. This includes clarity of process, defined authority and responsibility, and regular review.

Faculty and staff are committed to professional and personal development, and learning opportunities are provided for teachers, colleagues in administration, parents, and board members.

Parents, teachers, board, and administration work together to support the mission, vision, and values of the Halton Waldorf School.

We are an active member of the world-wide community of Waldorf schools which bring new impulses to education and social renewal.

This statement of the Vision, Mission, and Values of Halton Waldorf School was developed with participation from parents, administration, faculty, and board members and was approved November 3, 2016.

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