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Capital Campaign

After nearly 20 years in our current location, the Halton Waldorf School has grown into a strong, vibrant community with
a parent-toddler program, preschool, three kindergartens, and a robust grades 1 through 12 program.

Thanks to the generosity of countless parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends, children in the Halton area have had the chance to experience our extraordinary education. Now it is time for our community to step forward again and support our need to expand, this time, with a beautiful indoor gymnasium and theatre building that both the grade school and the high school will share.

Significant financial contributions are required to design and build the new gym/theatre space.
Your support will help us reach our Capital Campaign goal of $500,000.

Together we will lay the foundation for our growth, strength, and stability in the years to come.

To learn more about how you can make a contribution to the Capital Campaign for our new gymnasium, and what our athletic programs currently look like, please email

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