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Grade 7 In Full Awe of the Astronomical Phenomena!  

By Stephanie Todman, Grade 7 Class Teacher

To have a total solar eclipse in your backyard during the year you teach Astronomy to Grade 7 is truly fantastic (and lucky). During January, Grade 7 flew up to the stars, looking to the distant constellations that glitter above us. So, it only made sense that we would gaze upon the total solar eclipse together.

We gathered at Spencer Smith Park here in Burlington, and were privileged to see the clouds part above us just as totality was reached. The energy from the crowd gathered at the lake shore was palpable, increasing the excitement and sense of wonder. Cheers rang out from many voices as the sun disappeared. To see the 360-degree sunset, the stars shining in the afternoon, and to notice that the lake water had turned a muted minty green colour were experiences that will not soon be forgotten. Some of us were even able to glimpse the diamond ring - the dazzling moment just before and after totality. By the end, we were all chilly (we certainly noticed how the temperature drops during an eclipse!) but we quickly warmed up as the sun returned to light our way home. As one Grade 7 student reflected, it was the best thing he has seen in his 13 years!

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