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Grade 7 Students Publish Anthology & Become Published Authors!

By Stephanie Todman, Grade 7 Class Teacher

Have you ever wanted to be a published author? Each Grade 7 student now is! At the end of Grade 6, Tim (a parent in the class), asked if I wanted to have the students publish their own written work in an anthology; if I liked the idea, he could make it happen. I loved the idea immediately. This was a perfect fit for the Grade 7 year, as the curriculum includes a creative writing block. So, come September, we wrote ourselves into the new school year. The students crafted a variety of pieces, based on prompts designed to inspire feelings of wishing, wonder, and surprise. Some of the students included portions of their work from this block in our anthology, [Insert Title Here]. The bulk of the work, however, was created from scratch. The students poured hours into writing, editing, and creating original artwork - all of which can be found in this book. Yes, this book is a fundraiser for our class; but it is much more. It is a collaboration between voices and styles, a stepping out into the unknown world of sharing one's writing with an audience. This piece of work is an audacious undertaking of over 80,000 words; a glimpse into the hearts and imaginations of the future. 

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