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Our whole school community is engaged in building a multi-level culture of philanthropy that supports our Halton Waldorf School to thrive. Throughout the year there are a number of fundraising initiatives and special events that take place. 

School fundraising events are held during the year and are an important part of the funding mix we balance in order to operate and offer the best possible Waldorf school experience for our families.
Fundraising events and initiatives are also coordinated by each classroom, with the support and expertise of our Parents Associations lead.
Annual Festivals
In a Waldorf school, weekly school rhythm and the annual seasonal festivals of nature and humanity are celebrated in ways that help foster wonder, reverence and gratitude.
Please view our Event Calendar to access details on upcoming events and fundraisers.
Third-Party Events are those created, managed and externally run by parents, alumni, businesses, and community groups in support of Halton Waldorf School. Hosting an event or organizing a fundraising initiative is a wonderful way to demonstrate your commitment to Waldorf education in our community.
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