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A Thrilling and Fun Basketball Tournament & Dance

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Vidushi Uthappa, Grade 7 Student

Playing sports is a thrilling experience that is even more exhilarating when played away from home. Recently, our 7th and 8th graders had the fantastic opportunity to play a basketball game at the Toronto Waldorf School on February 3rd and 4th, 2023 and stay overnight at their incredible campus. It was an unforgettable experience, and I'm certain that future grades will also relish it.

We departed from our school at noon on Friday and arrived at the gym where the game would be played. As we entered the gym, the opposing team and their coach greeted us warmly. Although we were nervous, we were eager to begin the game. The gym was buzzing with energy, but we were determined and focused on winning.

After the game, there was a dance for all participating students and we savoured a delicious meal. We then proceeded to our overnight accommodations in the classroom. The room was spacious and immaculate, and we were exhausted from the game, so we quickly settled in for some much-needed rest after the dance.

The school staff was incredibly hospitable and accommodating, providing us with snacks and drinks while we enjoyed each other's company in the common area. Spending time with my classmates on and off the court was an enjoyable experience that brought us closer together. We bonded over our shared passion for basketball and the excitement of this new adventure.

The following morning, we woke up early to play another game. This time we were more at ease and confident after already playing together as a team. We played with all our might and were proud of how well we performed. Although we didn't win, we knew we had given it our all.

Overall, this trip provided us with a remarkable experience of playing an away game and spending the night at a new school. It was a chance to bond with my teammates, explore new surroundings, and play basketball in a new environment. I will always cherish the amazing school, the warm staff, and the fun we had playing. It was a trip that will remain etched in my memory, and I'm grateful for the memories and experiences it provided.

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