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Student Experiences

Beyond The Classroom

Our small class sizes will give students the ability to participate in unique learning opportunities and activities beyond the classroom, in the broader community. The experiential curriculum will be unlike any other high school offering in Burlington.

Our 2020-2021 school year will include many real and meaningful experiences that will engage the students.

Major Trips

The "Welcome to High School" trip in September will include several exciting days of social bonding, leadership and challenge in an outdoor setting.

An "End of the Year" trip in June, takes place in the Ontario wilderness, at the Bark Lake Leadership Centre.

Experiential Learning

Our students experience curriculum supported programs at the Shaw Festival, Rockwood Conservation Area, and Glencolton Farm, to name a few.  

Physical Education opportunities outside of the traditional school gym such as sailing, golfing, horseback riding, rock climbing, ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding.

The Arts

The performance arts include choir, drama, and musical ensembles. There are performance evenings showcasing the students’ learning and talents.

The visual arts and crafts include black and white drawing, painting, pottery, woodwork, metal work or basketry.


Our students and faculty determine our extra-curricular offerings which may include golf, cross country running, skiing, and snowboarding.

The Halton Waldorf High School is an active member of the Halton Secondary School Athletics Association, which allows our students to take part in individual and team sports within the public school system. 

Our unique access to golf facilities in Burlington is an added bonus to the program.

Social Life

The High School is an entity within the larger HWS community. Students get to know others in all grades, by taking part in the all school camping trip, held in September of each year.  

Students enjoy close relationships with their peers through out the grades. Our students also join in activities at the Toronto Waldorf School dances and coffee houses.


The interests of the students and faculty will determine club offerings.


This year's Culture Club enjoyed trips to the Art Gallery of Hamilton, community theatre performances, and other cultural events within the greater Burlington community. 

Farm Practicum

In late May, the students and their class advisors, will live and work (daily chores and rhythm) on local organic or biodynamic farms for one week. The farm practicum fosters hard work, class bonding  and a keen sense of the world they live in through the farm ecology all around them. This experience is unique to Waldorf education.

Service Learning

One of the goals of Waldorf Education is to instill the spirit of service and volunteering in our students. Service opportunities in our local community will be part of the curriculum in each of the four years, including a service week in Grade 11 and a service component in the grade 12 trip.

International Exchange

One of the outstanding opportunities offered through the Waldorf system is the long-established language and cultural exchange program in Grade 10. Students live and study in a foreign language Waldorf high school for 3-4 months, while at the same time, exchange partners will attend our school, enlivening the social scene.


Exchanges occur at Waldorf Schools in Europe and South America.

Learn about our inspired high school curriculum 

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