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How do we help children "find their own life thread"?

Reflections from the World Teachers' Conference in Dornach - Part 2 (Read Part 1)

By Judi Remigio, Parent and Child Teacher

Following our first lectures at the World Teachers' Conference at the Goetheanum, where we entered into questions around how we as teachers and parents, will help children "find their own life thread" in the texture of the world, more questions and thoughts to consider, arose.

Learning happens in relationship. Without 'the other', it is very difficult to learn. Anthroposophy, and the School of Spiritual Science, is the foundation, the 'mothership', of Waldorf education. It is the entry point for teachers.

Waldorf Schools foster the awakening of admiration and love, gratitude, reverence and wonder. They also exist as a 'house' to protect young people from the 'storm' - the battle for the great commodity of all of our attention. Each school can give roots for more individuals, more people and communities, who can build awareness around this storm; who can shield, protect and nurture children and students.

Considering the minor and major threats to what it means to be truly human in a world exponentially inundated with the facets and power of technology - technology that grows through our attention, technology that invites us to transform our reality. Let us pause and consider what we must protect - not only our own attention, but our actual ability to adapt as emerging human beings.

As parents, teachers and administrators, as a community, we have the power to shield, to protect and nurture, to create the space for our young people (and ourselves!) to continue to emerge with our humanity intact. Let us allow ourselves to consider thinking about the power of technology radically.

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