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An update from the World Teachers' Conference in Dornach

By Judi Remigio, Parent and Child Teacher

What a warm reception we all received coming home, after returning from a wonderful trip to Dornach, Switzerland. We were very blessed to attend the World Teachers Conference that happens once every seven years! We also so deeply appreciated all of the work that everyone did on the grounds, in the ditches, the gardens; the Bell Tower!!!

The conference was rich and full, speakers every morning, followed by conversation groups, artistic activities, workshops and performances by Waldorf students from around the world, with several eurythmy performances! There were 1,000 teachers and administrators represented from 61 countries; people from all continents and islands!

We share one common goal as parents and teachers: to help children find their own thread in the texture of the world. Children who bring their own impulses - will they be welcomed, nurtured and affirmed into their lives? Will they be able to emerge with humanity in tact?

We as parents and teachers are also confirming ourselves to the commitment to the individuality of the child.

The child asks, "Is it possible for me to take part in this world?"

We ask ourselves, "Are we able to hold the space for them? Can children count on us?

In early childhood, we ask, "Are we, the adults in their lives, worthy of imitation? Are we a model for growth? Do we see the whole child with a body, soul and Spirit?"

Please look forward to more articles in the weeks to come.

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