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High School Models UN at SOMA

By Eszter Pigott, High School Science Teacher and Co-Chair

Last week, from Monday, April 29th to Wednesday, May 1st our high school students represented HWS with integrity and enthusiasm at the Southern Ontario Model UN Assembly (SOMA) held on St. George campus of the University of Toronto. SOMA is Canada's oldest and largest high school run model UN assembly and attracts over 750 delegates from across North America every year. During this three day international relations simulation, our students gained keen awareness of international relations within the wider community as well as a deep insight into the dynamics and inner mechanisms of the United Nations by assuming the roles of UN representatives and members of other international bodies. Many of our students practiced public speaking, participated in debates and helped write resolution papers. Many new acquaintances were made, good food was had and they all danced the night away at the gala on Tuesday. Thank you all for your hard work, willingness to try something new and resilience in the face of long days and early mornings. Till next year!

A huge Thank You goes out on behalf of everyone to Ms. Pigott who organized the participation for the students in this event, and supported them before and throughout the event to make sure they were prepared, and enjoyed themselves in every way! It was a remarkable experience for everyone, and despite the long days, the energy and enthusiasm did not wane!

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