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A True HWS Love Story of Two Lovebirds!

By Frau Fulda, German and Handwork Teacher

After my little black and white Lovebird, Tobi, died in the summer, we were so heartbroken, especially Maya, the other little bird. They were together for 15 years. 

The Real Tobi and Maya

After telling my students that one of my little Lovebirds had passed, Eva in Grade 7, decided to needle felt a new little Tobi for Maya.

With lots of enthusiasm, Eva worked for many hours in handwork class on the little Lovebird. Her hard work completely paid off, and it turned out absolutely marvellous - same colours and same size!

Eva's needle felted Tobi

We were so excited to see what would happen when Maya meets her new Tobi.

Maya and felted Tobi

Well, I think the picture above shows it all. The two are inseparable!

Maya even tries to feed the felted Tobi!

I made a little video for Eva and sent it the same evening to her. She was so happy to see that the experiment had worked, and the felted Tobi became a Christmas gift for Maya. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

❤️ Frau Fulda

Truly, love comes in all forms, shapes and sizes! There is indeed a lot of love in this true story, that goes beyond the two lovebirds! What a beautiful gift of love, friendship, care, thoughtfulness and joy!

Thank you Frau Fulda for sharing this story with us!

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