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Despite the development of modern educational theories and the ingenious methods devised to hold a child's attention today, education – and even childhood – appear to be facing something of a crisis. The fact that boredom – or even extreme violence – can be spoken of in connection with little children is a sad reflection on our times. Are children in danger of losing the natural human fantasy that is the source of all creative imagination in later life? Are we in danger indeed of losing childhood altogether? Although first published in 1940, Cecil Harwood's little book has become a classic introduction to the perennial themes of child development and growth, and to the basic principles of Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf education. Cecil Harwood (1898 – 1975) was one of the founding members of the first Waldorf school in the English-speaking world, and worked for many years as a Steiner teacher. His sensitive awareness and respect for the innate wisdom of childhood shine through this book. As he demonstrates, a sympathetic and loving picture of this natural childhood wisdom is a prerequisite of any good educational endeavour.

The Way of a Child: An Introduction to Steiner Education

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