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Waldorf High School in Burlington

Halton Waldorf High School offers an alternative to high-pressure education. Our classes are small and personal with a focus on supporting the development of confident and creative thinkers.

The academic rigour of the curriculum is partnered with artistic and practical experiences. Students have opportunities in all subjects to deepen the content of their classes artistically or through practical experience, whether they are diagramming a chemistry experiment, sculpting Platonic forms, or creating a portrait for history class. This not only cultivates artistic skills, but it also allows students to develop their own interests and deepens their experience of each subject.

The Waldorf curriculum integrates the arts into rigorous academics and experiential learning.

The Halton Waldorf High School offers a community in which students are recognized for their uniqueness and are allowed to safely explore their individual and social potential, both in the class setting and in the fabric of the whole school. Small class sizes allow our dedicated teachers to take a personal interest in every student.

Feel the Waldorf difference:

  • Individualized teaching

  • Supportive and positive learning environments

  • Hands-on education connecting to the natural, artistic and cultural resources of the Burlington community

  • Challenging, rigorous curriculum that includes an integration of sciences, mathematics, humanities, the arts and physical education

We prepare students for more than just university or college. Adolescents long to know the truths of the world, and they rightfully question everything and everyone. Waldorf teachers recognize that behind their questions stands an inner quest for meaning and self-knowledge. The interdisciplinary curriculum in a Waldorf High School provides a unique framework to meet this quest.

In a Waldorf high school, our aim is to develop the students’ capacities for critical and independent thinking while respecting and nurturing their emerging individualities.

High School Information Night

Tuesday November 19th 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Community Room, Halton Waldorf School 2193 Orchard Rd, Burlington, Ontario L7L 7J8

Enrolling Grades 9, 10 and 11 for September 2020

  • Meet high school faculty members

  • See firsthand what students will be learning

  • Waldorf high school curriculum and teaching methods

  • View samples of our high school students work

  • Science demonstration

  • Hear from our HWS Alumni

  • Network with past/current/potential parents

Upon successful completion of our High School program, students will be awarded a Halton Waldorf High School Certificate, as well as the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) as our program meets all of the requirements set out by the Ministry of Education.

"When Waldorf students reach us at the college level, they are grounded broadly and deeply and have a remarkable enthusiasm for learning. Such students possess the eye of discoverers and the compassionate heart of the reformer, which, when joined to a task, can change the planet." – Arthur Zajonc Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics, Amherst University

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America in partnership with the the Research Institute for Waldorf Education released findings from their High School Alumni survey completed between 2017 and 2019. A total of 39 high schools were surveyed and there were 1066 total respondents from Waldorf high schools across North America. The surveyed graduates completed Waldorf High School between 1990 and 2017.

Portrait of a Waldorf Graduate

  • Attended college/university 98%

  • Feels prepared for college/university 95%

  • Gets into one or more of top three choices for college/university 90%

  • Would recommend Waldorf education 87%

"The classes emphasized discussion and expression. They taught me to appreciate and take advantage of the connection between students and teachers. However, the main lesson books have helped me even more. The exercise of organizing my knowledge into a well-formatted text on a regular basis was excellent practice for what I now do in my job.” –– Alexander Brady Class of 2009, Emerson Waldorf School

Ready for university, work and life. Worldwide, Waldorf graduates are sought after as creative and confident critical thinkers ready to take on our interconnected and ever-changing world. Canadian Waldorf high school graduates are currently at University of Toronto law school, touring as musicians, and working as vets and software engineers.

As we move from an age of information and technology to one of ideas and innovation, modern think tanks emphasize the importance of creativity, empathy, and critical thinking for the work world of the 21st century…all hallmarks of Waldorf education.

Please contact our Admissions Manager for more information about our High School Program: 905-331-4387 ext. 59

Statistics shared are from the 2019 high school alumni survey results compiled by the Research Institute of Waldorf Education (RIEW) and will be featured in the upcoming report, Into the World: How Waldorf School Graduates Fare after High School, to be published by Waldorf Publications at the RIEW.

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