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Sunflower Preschool Celebrates May Day & Gets Active!

By Melina Marin, Sunflower Preschool Lead Teacher

This past Wednesday, May 1, 2024, we celebrated May Day with a special treat after our morning snack, a GF vegan maypole cake! 

As our festival life in Waldorf education is rooted in honouring the seasonal changes, this particular one strengthen our connection to nature; this festival is part of an ancient tradition that celebrates the arrival of the warmer days and the blooming of the flowers. To enrich the children's inner life we will spend the whole month of May singing spring/maypole songs in our circle time, we will have a spring puppet show and the celebration will culminate with the May Fair, a whole community event. This is such a memorable fun day for children and parents alike. It is put together and run by parents, so please consider volunteering your time on Saturday May 25th. A team of early childhood teachers will be presenting a Marionette Show; "Roly Poly Rice Ball", a Japanese folktale.

Now, we also get to see the grade 4 class practicing their maypole dance each morning, with the grade 6 playing live music, and the preschoolers are mesmerized by it. It's such a treat to witness their progress and have the live music each day!

We have been venturing to the park these past few days. The children are always eager to climb the two big boulders there. They help each other to go up on them, they slide or jump off them, they run around and make dandelion bouquets. Besides strengthening their physical bodies, this also offers a good opportunity to overcome struggles, rediscover our resilience and practice cooperation.

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