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Reflections from Parenting Workshop Series

By Flora Seul-Jacklein, Facilitator

A group of 18-22 parents looked at the developmental changes in our children as they grow from toddlers into teenagers, the challenges they encounter and the joy they, and we as parents, experience when they grow into their own personalities and meet the world.

Along the way we explored specific parenting questions, e.g. setting boundaries, the importance of rhythm and routine and the need for flexibility; when to step in and when to hold back as a parent; how to deal with media, and how to balance the many demands of life.

We worked in the tradition of Indigenous talking circles which created a safe space of trust and shared purpose, enlivened by small group discussions, role play, and quiet reflections. A range of resources based on Waldorf pedagogy and current research was included.

We all felt strengthened and inspired, and were moved by the knowledge and wisdom that is in each one of us. There was also a deep appreciation to be part of a community while on our individual parenting journey.

And… there are many more questions that can be explored! We hope to continue to offer similar workshops in the future for parents.

Michael Vlasov, Parent at HWS, and a workshop attendee, is happy to share his following reflections,

"Parenting is the greatest time of my life by far. But it is also a constant routine, hard work and countless efforts to stay on track. Sometimes very challenging. I am grateful to be part of the school that offers support through parenting classes like this which serve as a solid reference point, a benchmark and a refresher. Thank you, Flora and the faculty team for organizing."

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