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Our Trip Was Sodalite-ful! Grade 6 visits Cedar Ridge Camp!

Grade 6 travelled up to Cedar Ridge Camp in McArthurs Mills for a four-day adventure. They bravely tackled high ropes and a vertical playground, leapt off a ten metre platform (firmly attached to safety ropes, of course), practiced archery, and had the opportunity to paddle a voyageur canoe - it held all 15 students, plus 5 adults! Many games were played, stories told, and laughs shared. On the third day - to complement their Geology main lesson block - the class went on a geology tour around Bancroft. Inspired by the expertise of local geologist Chris Fouts, the students turned into keen-eyed rockhounds. They unearthed many fine specimens of quartz, feldspar, mica, magnetite, cancrinite, and sodalite. Look for their fundraising booth at the Mayfair, where you will be able to purchase your own Bancroft treasure. This trip challenged the students in many ways - from facing homesickness to conquering a fear of heights - but when they spoke about their experiences before leaving camp, each one spoke with the excitement of newly formed memories they will keep for a lifetime.

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