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Grade 4 Animal Project

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Our Grade 4 students presented their animal projects to students and teachers alike

Under Mr. Brow's guidance, Grade 4 have been immersed in their research project on animals.

My favourite fact about Anacondas are that they have almost no enemies. They prey on almost anything and not many animals or humans can defend themselves - Grade 4 Student

The Grade 4 classroom was set up in spectacular fashion, with each student sitting proudly in front of their display. In what was essentially a gallery of work, the room was filled with colour and intrigue, as hand drawn sketches, written explanations and beautifully crafted models adorned the tabletops.

And the crowd goes wild!

From the very start, students from around our school were fascinated. As they filtered into the classroom, excitement filled the air as the crowd casually moved from one display to the next, asking their fellow school mate to talk about their animal project and what they enjoyed most about it. Teachers soon followed suit, expressing just as much curiosity and engagement as the students.

Mr. Brow is very proud of all the hard work his students put into these projects. Well done Grade 4!

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