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HWS Celebrate Waldorf 100

We at HWS are excited to celebrate this milestone event

This year marks the 100th year of Waldorf Education. Waldorf schools are marking this significant milestone with activities and events.

Many of the activities centre around honouring our earth and giving back to our communities. At HWS, we are planning several activities which we will continue to share with you in the coming months. Here are few initiatives which we have already started:

Kite Paper Stars

Classes are making 100 folded kite paper stars to give to seniors' residences in the area.

Friendship Bracelets

Grade 7 is making 100 friendship bracelets to send to northern Canadian communities.

Bees and Butterflies

To participate in a global initiative being undertaken by Waldorf schools, we are planning to open our very bee and butterfly garden. Led by Mr. Brow and Ms. Thornton, we will start working on this project in early spring with the help of Miss Hill and Grades 3 and 4.

In order to raise funds for the garden, we have placed a jar at the front desk for donations. If you have gardens at home, please keep in mind that we will have a perennial sharing day in early spring so we can all add to our collective gardens and welcome more bees and butterflies.

If you have other ideas or would like to help with any Waldorf 100 activities, please let us know.  

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