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History is Made on the Basketball Court!

The Annual Basketball Tournament for Grade 7 and 8 Waldorf students was held on February 2nd and 3rd, 2024 at the Toronto Waldorf School where students from 4 different Waldorf schools competed over two days of games and competitions. Team spirit and energy was amongst the highest with our school's combined teams of grade 7 and 8 students who played and cheered enthusiastically for each other! Much excitement was experienced on the court, (especially with the first win ever for HWS in the tournament!) on the stands, and of course, on the dance floor! Ms. Angela Del Franco (Coach and Phys.Ed Teacher), along with Grade 7 and 8 class teachers, Ms. Stephanie Todman and Ms. Suzanne Hill, share their experiences and reflections below:

Ms. Angela Del Franco, Phys.Ed. Teacher and Coach

I am extremely proud of the progress I witnessed over the two days of the tournament. The seventh-grade students have shared with me some of the highlights of the event. They enjoyed dancing the most and, secondly, playing basketball. They learned that teamwork is essential to their future practices. The basketball tournament showcased the exceptional teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills of the Grade 8 students, resulting in Boys Team A in a VICTORY. Congratulations to all the teams for supporting each other and representing Halton!

Ms. Suzanne Hill, Grade 8 Class Teacher

I was so proud of the entire class this past weekend at the Basketball Tournament at TWS. The girls dug in and played competitively and well. I have loads of highlights from their games but a couple were Jazzy's absolutely delightful reactions each time she scored a point, Mimia's 4 perfect baskets and Kaitlyn and Veronica's grit and determination to succeed. Well done and Congratulations to the girls! And boys...they did it! They won the tournament against TWS! I don't think that has ever been done before by HWS. Their pledge to win the tournament since the fourth grade (or maybe even earlier) came true! I am so proud of how the boys played - with incredible skill and teamwork - and, I have to say, the final game was so exciting. Congratulations to the boys! Also, the grade 8 conduct throughout the tournament was nothing short of stellar. Thank you to Tony and Andria for their excellent chaperoning and to the grade 7 chaperones as well for being there if needed. Thank you also to Ms. Del Franco for all the hard work and organizing that she put into the tournament.

Ms. Stephanie Todman

WHAT A TOURNAMENT! The students were absolutely incredible. They played with heart, teamwork, and skill. They cheered wildly for the other Halton teams. They danced the night away on Friday night. They were a pleasure to spend time with. Every game was exciting to watch - it was phenomenal how they supported each other right to the very end (and what a game that last one was!) The students sure did persevere and play hard, despite the tiredness and the stiff muscles. Well done Grade 7! I am truly proud of you. A big THANK YOU to our amazing coaches - Ms. Del Franco and Coach Aaron - for keeping them motivated and helping them hone their skills.

Indeed, we are truly proud of all of our students who represented our school with brilliant teamwork, excellent sportsmanship, and vibrant energy both on and off the court! Congratulations to all the students, parents, teachers, and coaches of the 2024 HWS Basketball Team!

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