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Grade 6 Journeys to Latin America

By Alla Markh, Grade 6 Class Teacher

This month we journey to Latin America, studying its physical geography, plant and animal life, Indigenous peoples, and political geography. We continue our work with map reading and map making, as well as developing our understanding of a wide range of geographical features. 

We are fortunate to have a lovely community of teachers and parents, representing Latin America, who were open to sharing their culture, traditions and history with the class. We have had the opportunity for dancing Salsa with Ms. Gonzales (Grade 1 Assistant) in the mornings. and hosted Ms. Bravo (Handwork Teacher) with a presentation about Peru. Class parents also gave generously of their time and energy to share their cultural traditions, information and heritage with us; Bruno Costa shared some Brazilian traditions with us, Andrew Latchman came to speak to us about Guyana, and Daniela Fernandez-Holloway shared about Chilean culture with us.

Having representatives of all these countries and making connections with real people is such a gift and a wonderful way to develop appreciation of different cultures. Thank you so much to all of those who were open to visit us with their sharing!  The students had the chance to integrate these visits by writing their reflections and take aways in their main lesson books, and beautifying them with colours and images. 

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