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Grade 4 Students Share Their Animal Projects

Grade 4 students have been in their human and animal block and on Tuesday, December 18th, shared their wonderful animal projects with the school! They planned it well and shared their projects with us during the third week of advent, when we celebrate and honour the animal kingdom!

Studying animals provides a tangible and direct way for children to learn about the living world, promoting an appreciation for the interconnectedness of life. 

At this stage where their curiosity about the natural world is growing, studying animals with their diverse characteristics and behaviours, provides the grade 4 students with rich material for imaginative exploration, artistic expression, and storytelling.  In creating this connection through exploration, it also contributes to a child's understanding of the value of life and the responsibility humans have in caring for the natural world.

Well done grade 4s, and thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us all with such enthusiasm and engagement! 

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