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Grade 4 Handwork for Confidence and Inner Firmness

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

By Carmen Bravo, Handwork Teacher

The grade four students place themselves more consciously into the world, they are now ready for bigger challenges.

This year the children worked on sewing and embroidering, they designed, embroidered, and sewed their handwork bags, which they will use throughout the following years.

The students also learned to cross stitch in a symmetrical form, they made a bookmark and a pincushion, which will be used in grades six, seven and eight in more complex sewing projects.

At this age practicing cross stitch in embroidery helps children to keep an inner uprightness; these are outer activities that can accompany their awakening objective consciousness

With its symmetry, and supported by colour and form, cross stitch helps children to gain confidence and inner firmness in this initial phase of their becoming independent. Working with symmetrical designs or mirroring patterns reinforces the fractions notions and the concept of equal parts. Also working with symmetry is an important inner exercise in seeing two sides of oneself, and the work with colour helps enhances form and cultivate a sense of beauty.

The students who finished their pincushions started new additional projects, some of them made embroidered Celtic knots which they learned in main lesson, other students embroidered their favourite animals and their initials.

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