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Grade 11 Student Reflections from International Youth Conference in Dornach, Switzerland

From April 10 to 14, 2024, our Grade 11 students had the opportunity to attend the International Students' Conference in Dornach, Switzerland. The conference aims to "inspire courage in young students to work together and face the future with the strength that comes from a diverse and collaborative group."

Reading the reflections below from our students, it seems the conference was certainly a success in connecting and bringing young minds together and hopefully eventually collaborate, and work together in the future!

"My favourite experience was all the friends I met during the conference. It was amazing meeting people from all around the world and hearing their stories. I learned that I had to be more confident in myself. I was surprised that although there were people from all over the world, there weren't any Swiss or French people at the conference!"

"It was an incredible experience to be in a foreign environment with the people we are with all day at school. There was a true shift within the social dynamic due to the fact that we were travelling with TWS and being surrounded by 700 other students. It certainly was a very valuable experience to learn about other cultures and perspectives when talking to all these people from around the world. We also had the opportunity to connect on a deeper level within our class outside of the school environment, which is a rare experience overall. The ISC (International Students' Conference) allowed me to play with my social skills which I believe is helpful to my life outside of school. I definitely am glad to have met and gained contact with more people, and hope to have similar future experiences. The ISC is such an amazing idea because it gives us the opportunity to hear/do/see things we would have never done otherwise. Although expensive, Switzerland is certainly one of the most beautiful countries I have seen, and I hope to return to visit its mountains, cows, and cute towns."

"What I enjoyed most about this trip was meeting all the amazing people from around the world. At the conference, I met many Waldorf students from different parts of the world, who were all very welcoming and easy to get along with. Switzerland was also a beautiful country with lots of nice nature and fantastic cities. In the future, I plan on going back to Switzerland, as well as visiting some of the people I met at the conference. Overall, it was a great trip where I learned about many different cultures and made lots of good memories"

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