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Grade 10s Create Art & Dance into the 1920s in History Block

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

By Suzanne Hill, Grade 8 Class Teacher

It has been my absolute pleasure to teach the grade 10 history seminar this past November. Through our studies, we ventured into the lives of returning Canadian soldiers post WWI, the innovations and freedom of the roaring twenties, the desperation of the dirty thirties and the rise of fascism in the world which eventually led Canadians into WWII.

To further enrich their studies of this interesting period of time in Canadian history, the students rehearsed and performed a 1920's dance to the tune of "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" under the expert tutelage of Ms del Franco. The Grade 10 students were happy to perform this dance for the HWS middle school and grades 9 and 11 of the high school who all enjoyed it immensely. Thank you to Ms del Franco, Ms Ananyan (who played the music), Ms Janani (Grade 10 history teacher) and the wonderful audience who all made this experience so memorable for the grade 10 students.

Apart from the 1920's dance performed by the grade 10 students, they also prepared for and engaged in a stirring debate over the question, Who did more for Canada's autonomy - Prime Ministers Borden or Mckenzie-King?" The students also created beautiful works of art based on the unique Canadian style of the Group of Seven for their main lesson books.

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