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Annual May Fair 2024 - Preparations in Full Swing!

Birds are chirping, leaves are unfurling, flowers are blooming, and even the Sun is indeed beginning to shine brighter after hiding the whole winter! So it must be May! And for HWS, there is the colourful Maypole showing up in all its forms inside and outside our school to joyfully welcome in the month of May, and remind us of the Annual Mayfair! 

As Ms Melina, lead teacher of the Sunflower preschool shared with her class parents, "As our festival life in Waldorf education is rooted in honouring the seasonal changes, this particular one strengthens our connection to nature; this festival is part of an ancient tradition that celebrates the arrival of the warmer days and the blooming of the flowers. To enrich the children's inner life we will spend the whole month of May singing spring/maypole songs in our circle time, we will have a spring puppet show and the celebration will culminate with the May Fair, a whole community event. This is such a memorable fun day for children and parents alike. It is put together and run by parents, so please consider volunteering your time on Saturday May 25th. A team of early childhood teachers will be presenting a Marionette Show; "Roly Poly Rice Ball", a Japanese folktale."

The Mayfair is a delightful event that is a gift to the children and our community with many activities and moments to share and celebrate this bright and lively season together. And it is made possible with the amazing efforts and contribution of our Parent community. In the words of our PA Chair, Sandy D'Atri-Kwan, "We are so grateful to each and every person who can help make this Mayfair a successful event. All families are encouraged to help take on volunteer shifts where possible. This is very much a collaborative event, and [the parents'] efforts are always appreciated!"

If you're a parent at the school, an HWS high school student, or if you just wish to engage in volunteering for the May Fair, please sign up here. There is a link on the sign-up sheet with details on the activities as well! Thank you in advance to all the volunteers and organizers for making this event happen! We are so excited to welcome our guests and share in this celebration with our community!

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