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Curriculum Descriptions

Intentional Education


A physically small school means that our students will relate to their education in a deeply personal and engaging way. Close connections, with students across the grades and with their teachers, will support and deepen their learning.


Small means having the opportunity to get out of the classroom for hands-on EXPERIENTIAL encounters linked to the curriculum locally, nationally and internationally.           

Progressive Educational


The founder of Waldorf Education, Rudolf Steiner, understood the needs of the developing adolescent and created a high school curriculum that is both meaningful and challenging.


Our students will appreciate the BALANCE of the rigorous academic work that exceeds provincial standards, with musical, practical and fine arts and outdoor pursuits. Experiential learning will enliven a curriculum that values character education and the ideals found in the developing teenager.

Exceptional Faculty

The specialists teaching at the high school will be highly MOTIVATED members of the learning community and come from all walks of life, where they are experts in their fields. Delivering both seminar style morning lessons and run-through classes, these teachers will act as mentors and role models to their students, creating life long bonds.

A Unique Approach

We offer a curriculum tailor made for each stage of adolescence. How does a school take into account that over four years, high school students change and mature enormously?


Our curriculum not only challenges and engages the students with our rigorous Ontario Ministry approved courses, it enhances and shapes the academic program by asking the questions most pertinent to the students as they develop.

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