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For most people, intelligence is a beloved talent and a capacity to be proud of. In schools, it is one of the first things to be examined. Diverse tests exist to measure the IQ quantitatively, and human intelligence sets the standard for artificial intelligence. No matter how ingenious artificial intelligence might become, however, there is not even a remote possibility that it can replicate human intelligence through technologically "living" artificial intelligence. Even the simplest human thought process requires endless sequences of decisions. Nevertheless, it is possible for machines to answer questions in less than a second that otherwise might take a a whole lifetime for human beings.


As an area of spirituality, however, intelligence is not acknowledged. There seems to be a view that intelligence is a field that must be abandoned if we want to penetrate the deeper wisdom of existence.


The author begins to prove the opposite. Intelligence is the mind itself, and by bringing the mind into activity--with no other purpose than this very activity--intelligence itself proves its spirituality. We really don't need a high IQ, though its level rises as a result of such activity. Moreover, we do not need faith, which will also emerge through this activity. The only thing we really need is some discipline to dedicate our time to intelligence--twenty minutes or so, twice each day.

This book was originally published in Dutch as Kunst des Denkens by Occident, Uitgeverij., 2016.

The Art of Thinking, Mieke Mosmuller

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