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“In all the activities we do with our children we are making decisions that establish our family’s culture. Culture is nothing more or less than the way we live our lives. Although this ‘culture making’ is going on all the time, the quality of the culture pivots entirely on the awareness we bring to it. We are fashioning our family’s culture with each decision, so let us bring as much consciousness to this process as we can” (from the introduction).


In this gem of a book, parents are offered an exploratory approach to the principles introduced in Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children. Using excerpts as leading thoughts, as well as “The Star of Family Culture” as a guiding image, parents are given a warmhearted lens through which to view their family life.


Beginning with love as the foundation of the family, parents will have the opportunity to discover healthy family rhythms interactively, including family work and family play. They will be engaged in creating nourishing play spaces for their children, both indoors and out, and will learn to tell handmade stories, as well as to make art joyfully with their children.


Establishing this loving, disciplined approach to family lays a sturdy foundation. In this way, many twenty-first-century “discipline problems” are deterred. With love as a guide, parents are given insight for dealing with developmentally appropriate behavior issues.

How to Create the Star of Your Family Culture: The Heaven on Earth Workbook

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