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What to Wear to Waldorf

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Clothing Recommendations for the Coming School Year

from Miss Shannon

Hats!  Everyday is hat day.  Hats keep the sun and bugs of our head.  Ball caps or sun hats work in the warm weather.  Wooly beanies and toques help keep as warm as we move into fall.  Balaclavas and insulated toques that cover the ears are for the colder months.

Boots!  Rain boots will help keep our feet dry. A boot big enough for a woolly sock will take us into the fall.  It is worth investing in a good pair of insulated boots for the winter months.

Waterproof pants or suits!  Since we are regularly visiting the ducks, outdoor pants will help keep us dry and clean.  Some children may find it easier to put on the rain suit then a pant/jack combination. Buy a size that will allow for layering and these pieces will take us into the late fall with a wooly base layer underneath. 

Jackets!  A sweater might be enough while its warm and dry, but once the wet weather comes, a rain coat will keep us dry and clean.  Something with enough room for warm layers underneath, will take us through the fall.  

Snow suits!  Either the one piece suit or the coat/pant combination.  If you go with the combination suit, the overall style pants with ensure there is no gap between pant and coat.  Look for a waterproof option or, alternatively, put the rain suit over the snow suit when the weather is both cold and wet.

Mittens!  We don't need them just yet but as the mornings get chilly, a little pair of gloves will help keep us warm.  Warmth and Weather sells rain mittens that are water proof and come with or without a lining.  You might be able to find them in the school store as well.  MEC sells a winter mitten with elastics at the cuff that seem to be the easiest for the children to put on over their jackets.  Please avoid mittens with zippers that the children will struggle to put on by themselves.  

Neckwarmer!  Scarves can be fiddly but the tube style neck warmer is easy to put on as well as thoroughly cover the neck. It's important for health and comfort to keep the head and neck area warm.  Balaclavas cover both the neck and the head.   

Base layers!  These are the cozy layers under the clothing that keep us warm as we move into cooler weather.  Ideally made of wool or a wool/silk, they provide a layer of insulation.

Warm socks!  There are many good options for socks.  Again, wool or a wool blend are the warmest.  Be sure that there is still wiggle room in the boots to accommodate a thicker sock.  Cramped toes become cold quickly. 

Clothing Tips

  • Label everything.  Not just the outer wear, indoor clothing as well.  We change any clothing item that becomes wet or soiled so please label indoor clothes with your child's initials on the tag. 

  • Buy outerwear with layering in mind

  • We are only warm as long as we are dry.  Waterproof outerwear and boots are so important for this reason. 

  • Replenish extra clothing regularly.  Backpacks should contain a full change of clothing, as well as 2 pairs of sock and an extra pair of mittens in the colder months. 

  • Children staying full day benefit from a second pair of outerwear in the event that the morning set gets wet. 

Where to Buy

There are lots of options both in store and online.  Here in Burlington, we have Mountain Equipment CoOp and Sail, both of which have a wide variety of options.  Online options include Northern Co. Kids, Puddlegear and Tuffo for rain gear.  Warmth and Weather sells wool and wool/silk base layers as well as rain gear. HWS often does a fundraiser with Warmth and Weather.  Expect more information about that in the coming weeks.         We also have a HWS Gear Exchange on Facebook where you can buy and sell used children's clothing. 


This article on "The Importance of Warmth" is from the Waldorf online library. This article, written by a naturopath, describes the connection between physical warmth and emotional warmth. Whole Family Rhythms was recommended by a parent and it also features a post about the importance of physical and emotional warmth in the early years.

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