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Séamus Maynard's Special Visit to the HWS Community

Updated: Jan 22

We're thrilled to welcome Séamus Maynard to our school for a special visit over the next couple of weeks in January and February 2024. An acclaimed actor, musician and educator, Séamus will not only be guest teaching at the High School, but will also be sharing his artistic gifts with our community with a performance and a workshop. Please find the details below and join us for both of the community events!

Séamus is an acclaimed actor, musician and educator. He completed his degree in acting at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where he studied speech, classical acting and Shakespeare. He has taught acting, speech and movement at Emerson College in England, Stephens College in Missouri, California State University's Summer Arts program, The New School NYC, Saint John's College in Istanbul, and is a faculty member for The Michael Chekhov School Hudson.

Currently, Séamus teaches the art of speech at Inner Work Path workshops and retreats ( He supports and facilitates the arts program for Developing the Self Developing The World ( He is also the author of Parzival A Journey of Initiation. Séamus is a primary author of the EduCareDo Speech and Drama as Living Arts subject course and a contributing author for Spirit-led Education for a Spirit-led Life.

Performance - Parzival and The Three Drops of Blood - All Ages Friday, January 26, 2024 - 7pm, HWS Community Room
Tickets By Donation

A poetic verse adaptation from the Parzival legend, written and performed by Séamus Maynard.

In this dramatized excerpt from the Parzival legend, two paths of initiation intersect - the Arthurian path (representing working in a group) and the Parzival path (the initiation path of the individual). Here, we can experience this unexpected interaction in a dynamic exchange. The performance echoes the time of the bards when legends were shared via the spoken word. Through this ancient way of engaging with stories, we can enter the world of imagination to find relevance for the time we live in through the wisdom that still lives on in the myths and legends of the distant past. 


Workshop - The Importance of Speech & Drama for Human Development
Thursday, February 1, 2024 - 7pm, HWS Community Room
Tickets By Donation

Myths, legends, drama and the spoken word are doorways through which humans can find more profound wisdom within themselves and the world. The workshop will explore the creative element that comes to life through artistic speech. We will seek to uncover the timeless wisdom that lives on in the world's great stories. As a focal point, we will delve into the imaginative landscapes of the Parzival and Arthurian legends as they relate to the spiritual journey of the human being in our times. Many themes we discuss and work with artistically will apply to other stories, legends, plays, myths, fairy tales and folktales. Please join us to explore the poetic inner landscapes of the human soul on its journey through life. 

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