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Grade 8 Food Drive and Visit to Compassion Society

Heading into teenage years, one can start living in an insular world of thoughts and feelings. Multiple studies show that volunteering has a far-reaching impact, not only on the recipients but on the students themselves by engaging in meaningful and impactful ways with their community. Students see firsthand how their actions have an immediate impact on the lives of others and their role as a connected and valuable part of the whole.

Our grade 8 students have been engaging in meaningful work in the community through the Compassion Society. In December, they held a "Warm Clothing Drive", and currently are organizing a Food Drive, and recently visited the Compassion Society on Thursday, February 16th.

Alex Clarkson, grade 8 student had the following reflections to share about their visit:

"Our class had a very rewarding service visit to the Compassion Society in Burlington last Thursday. Going to the Compassion Society was so important to me. When we first arrived, I was not excited at all, thinking about unboxing toys and putting them on the shelf. The more we were working, it began to occur to me that it was not meant to be fun or entertaining; we were helping all those families in need. Once I had that realization, I felt really happy that we came to help people in need. We also ended up having a lot of fun working together. It was very satisfying to hear that in a few days, we would have helped close to a hundred families with the food that we packed. On our tour, we learned that they give out a lot of food and toiletries to patrons three times a week and the shelves are mostly emptied and must be filled through donations from places like our school. The volunteers who help at Compassion Society work very hard and give of their own time to help others. I hope that I can go back some day to help once more and maybe complete my high school volunteer hours there. "

Ms. Tara Thornton, grade 8 class teacher also shared the following about her observations of the students at the Compassion Society.

"It was inspiring for me to watch the students totally engaged in helping the director and one of the volunteers with sorting, packaging, and organizing. 💛 They were respectful, friendly and hard working. One of the main jobs was to arrange toys by age on shelves for their March break special activity. We also had a very thorough tour of the centre which was meaningful and impactful and shed light on all the needs in our community. Thank you so much to Christina, a regular volunteer at Compassion Society, who shared her morning with us!"

Please encourage and support the grade 8 students with this meaningful work and their current food drive by donating food and toiletries for Compassion Society. They especially need the following items but donations of other non-perishables and toiletries are much appreciated.


Coffee (instant and machine)

Canned meat (not tuna)

Chunky soups

Canned or crushed tomatoes

Pasta sauces

Diapers (size 6 only)

Body wash

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