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Grade 8 Class Trip to Temagami - September 15-22, 2023

By Suzanne Hill, Grade 8 Class Teacher

On Friday, September 15th, 2023, the grade eight class together with their class teacher, Miss Hill, embarked on the traditional grade eight class trip of the Halton Waldorf School – a 7-day backcountry canoe adventure in the Temagami region of Northern Ontario. The expertise of living on trail and paddling the lakes of this region was provided by three excellent leaders who work for the outfitting company of Northwaters/Langskib.

During this trip, the students faced many challenges that arose from living in nature. These challenges and overcoming them served to empower the students and the ideas of teamwork, being supportive, accountability, responsibility and sharing the workload took on a deeper meaning for them. Moreover, the students learned that they had strengths and capacities residing within them that they never knew they had, and they learned new and important skills. The following poems, written by the students, reflect their observations and experiences of the trip.

Rocky shore, blue lake Brilliant sunshine Red canoes


Clear, star-filled sky Crackling, popping fire Warm, red tent


Cold, misty morning The world re-awakes Bald eagle


Mud and fallen trees Sharp and jagged rocks Heavy canoes


Paddling through the wind Sterning and bowing Mojo boat

Heavy thunderstorms Drenched, freezing wet socks Cold mornings

We grew together Helping each other Memories

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