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Grade 10 Creates Art at Art Gallery of Burlington

On Wednesday December 6, 2023, our Grade 10 class visited the Art Gallery of Burlington (AGB). They had a tour of the iconic Trinidadian artist Sybil Atteck (1911-1975) whose life’s work was on display at the Gallery. She was a decorated artist who used knowledge of nature, history, and science in her art, from florals to landscapes, portraits, and cultural celebrations.

It was truly a unique and immersive experience for everyone as not only was the work one of a kind, but after the tour, the students participated in a hands-on clay making workshop where they created beautiful clay plates that were ready to be gifted just in time for the holidays!

The Grade 10 students received their finished clay plates just before the holidays!

Below are the students' reflections from their experience:

“The AGB was an amazing experience. We got to see the work of Sybil Atteck, a Trinidad artist, the way she expressed her life growing up and events, people in her life. At the gallery we also made clay plates. I really enjoyed the hands-on experience of actually being able to make something. It is a memory to keep with us.

“I just thought that we were going to just do a regular clay sculpture, but it was more than that. We created these beautiful plates, and I had an amazing time while doing it because it was really interactive, and the end result was amazing.”

“We first got a piece of clay and then designed a plate. The first step was making a design using various objects from different shapes and forms, then we were able to choose the colour of our plate and then waited for them to be completed after a couple of weeks. It was a fun experience to design and create a plate out of clay. It was also nice to walk around the art gallery and learn about the different exhibitions.”

“My experience at the Art Gallery of Burlington was great! I learned a lot about clay and enjoyed the process of moulding and creating something functional. I enjoyed viewing the different types of arts from First Nations and other mediums, as well as the use of colour texture and element of art and design.”

“I was able to learn and make something new which was a wonderful experience. Walking around the AGB was an eye-opening experience because we were able to look at all kinds of different art pieces.”

“I really enjoyed looking at the artwork and experience making clay. I enjoyed rolling the clay and I like the fact that I could customise my own clay play and gift it to someone special. I enjoyed working with clay the first time in my life.”

“Had a great time at the AGB, very informational tour and wonderful experience making clay. I especially like the diversity of the experience.”

“I had a wonderful time looking at art and even making some of my own. The clay was awfully fun to create and gave it to my mum. She quite appreciated it.”

“The AGB was good and so, so much fun. The experience working with clay was the best! We made plates and that we'll get to keep them made me so happy.”

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