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Bringing Waldorf Education to the World

By Kayla Clavero, Early Childhood Teacher

On November 18th, 2023, the Rudolf Steiner College Canada set up a booth at the Student Life Expo - Canada’s largest post-secondary education & lifestyle event, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We set up the booth to promote the College, and Waldorf education. It was an amazing event with many vendors and we received quite a bit of interest at our booth.

One little girl who was 3.5 years old kind of adopted us. She was the daughter of another vendor and kept sneaking behind our table to model the beeswax that James Brian had brought. She used the block crayons and showed keen interest in the gnomes that I brought. I did a little puppet play for her and she was entranced!

There was another woman who graduated in 2022 named Michaela Gonzalez who did on the spot chalkboard paintings and block crayon drawings. She also engaged potential students and taught them how to hold and use the block crayons and they got to see their own art come to life!

The high school students that came to our table said that it was the colour that brought their attention to us. As I spoke to them about the college and Waldorf education, I offered them a piece of beeswax to model and they were all very thrilled to engage their will and feeling forces while listening. They left feeling satisfied with their little fish or cat they had created right then and there.

We got some great conversations in and healthy exposure for the Waldorf movement.

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