Volunteering at Hamilton’s Good Shepherd Centre

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Volunteer and charitable endeavours are particularly important for eighth graders as their awareness of the world expands ever wider. On January 22nd, 2016, Miss Hill’s grade 8 class along with two parent volunteers, Patti and John, worked at the Good Shepherd Centre in Hamilton. The following are some of the students’ perspectives from this experience.

Our trip to the Good Shepherd was an experience that I was not expecting. I thought that it was an amazing way of learning to be grateful for what we have because we saw that there are people in our community who are really in need of things like food and clothing that we take for granted. I loved helping put the 200 bags of materials for recycling into the truck and sorting the shoes into pairs. I loved the experience of helping people who are in need. Even the 2 hours I worked with my class was enough for me to realize that I was helping with all my heart and soul.

Anna Wilson


Our day at the Good Shepherd was very sobering. It was interesting to see how many people donated to the organization. They had a whole warehouse full of clothes, furniture and food. It was good to see that these less fortunate people were able to choose their own food from the store. This gives them dignity. We spent 2 hours sorting shoes and loading up a truck with goods to be recycled. It was hard work but we all knew we were helping people in need.

Evan Landry

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I thought our trip to the Good Shepherd was a very good experience for the class. It was hard to see how many people need help but, at the same time, it was also great to witness first hand all that was being done to help them. The Good Shepherd has a standard of quality for the donated items that was surprising to me. But, as Craig, the supervisor said, “If it is not good enough for you, why should it be good enough for them?” It was great to feel we had made a difference by working at the centre.

Sam Crane

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Our trip to the Good Shepherd was unlike any other trip we have had at the school. I was not expecting to hear about the large numbers of people that the Good Shepherd serves in a day. No one person can stop poverty, but we can help and make a difference.

Sydney Bomberry

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This past Friday we went to the Good Shepherd in Hamilton. I feel that having this experience was beneficial to our grade 8 class because it showed us that used items could help out people in need. I was surprised by the huge amount of donations. I felt the effort I made at the centre was appreciated and worthwhile.

Caitlyn Spilotro

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When our class went to the Good Shepherd, no one knew what to expect. We walked into the centre in downtown Hamilton and we were welcomed by the incredible staff who do so much for the community. It was amazing to see all the people in need shopping for food and clothing in the “store”. We worked in the warehouse and began by loading 200 bags of all the clothes that were not good enough in a truck to be recycled. We then went to sort shoes into pairs. It was so surprising how high the standards were for the shoes. They had to be in very good shape and worthy of being worn. Once we were done, we all felt proud to have done something to help people who are not as fortunate as us.

Chelsea Bradshaw

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