HaltonWaldorf, Sunflower Ceremony,photoWe often hear how our school has made a tremendous and positive impact on the lives of our students and their families. Our approach to education is different and it works. With a balanced approach that respects and complements the stages of childhood development, we nurture each child to be a successful student and a person who is strong in spirit, soul and body.


– Richard Flook, Parent 

My son left the public elementary school system in his grade six year and we enrolled him at the Halton Waldorf School. The results have been transformative. He is so happy now at school and has re-discovered his love of learning. He is eager to get to school in the mornings and comes home and completes his homework without reminders. His classroom teacher not only challenges and engages him academically, but supports all the students’ success by understanding their individual temperaments and supporting their emotional needs. As a secondary school teacher I am also completely confident that the knowledge and skills he is acquiring at Halton Waldorf will provide a strong foundation for his success at the secondary level.
– Kerry Miller-MacKay, Parent

Autumn has been spectacular. This thought occurs to me each morning I pull into the school parking lot, usually stressed from a morning fraught with rushed bed making, dressing, feeding and getting the children into the car on time — yet all that melts away as I see the bright colours glowing in the morning sunlight of the school’s forested backdrop. First graders are learning skip rope and hop-scotch on the basketball court. Kindergarteners are watching the older grades practise their Michaelmas play – 15 legs shuffling in unison, moving the large dragon costume they are holding up forward. My oldest can’t wait to unbuckle and hop out to see her friends and to show me her latest tricks on the monkey bars. We’re all smiles, enjoying the crisp morning air and the autumn glow of the playground.

Having experienced multi-disciplinary preschools and traditional kindergarten classrooms I am truly amazed to see how Waldorf teachers manage their preschool students (3 & 4 years) and kindergarteners (4, 5 & 6 years)! It is pure magic how they create a calm and welcoming environment for each child, that is sustained throughout the morning of creative free play, circle time, lessons, snack and clean up. While quietly maintaining control, they help the children feel loved and respected and free to experience all the joyful and turbulent moments that social interaction with other children provide, for learning and growth. I truly appreciate what the teachers do for our children and that they share their knowledge with parents want to recreate the magic at home.
– Kerri L., Parent

The class teacher’s deep participation in every aspect of the children’s lives allows her to recognize how to nurture each child to unfold and shine individually within this dynamic, academic and artistic education. The result is that each student graduates with courage in their thoughts and deeds.
– Suzanne Hill, Class Teacher

Being relatively new to Halton Waldorf, I dove right in and became a P.A. rep for my daughter’s kindergarten class. It was a tremendous opportunity to understand all the work, care, and consideration that goes into running the school. The best interests of the children are truly at heart.
– Sarah Nicholl, Parent

I have enjoyed being part of the Parent Association. It has given me the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how our school works as well as getting to meet some fabulous people!
– Cynthia Anderson, Parent

As a class teacher that moves through the grades with his students, I am able to observe great changes that take place over time. I start to see my students using skills I have shown them and I can proudly witness each of them overcome obstacles and grow to become more confident and capable young people. It is inspiring to witness childhood unfolding in my students and I feel a real sense of pride that I am involved in the process.
– Ryan Makin, Class Teacher

I have had the privilege of experiencing HWS as a student during its humble early days, and now as a teacher as it blossoms. I treasure the years I spent in our little schoolhouse in Campbellville, and now I often marvel at this beautiful building which was designed by teachers and parents together. I know that the school will continue to evolve and grow, and I look forward to the day when my little son will become a second generation “Waldorfian”.
– Stephanie Todman, Grade Teacher

What I find wonderful about the Early Childhood program is that it nurtures the wonder-filled imaginative world of the young child. The toys in the classroom are simple, such as a wooden play stand, which can transform into a house, boat, doctor’s office or anything else the child imagines it to be!
– Vanessa Rizzotto, Assistant Kindergarten Teacher

Visiting gives parents an opportunity to share their values and discover whether our school system is the right one for their child’s education. A mutual exploration of perspectives on what fosters a healthy childhood helps us connect as human beings and brings us right into the heart of the school.
– Lylli Anthon, Faculty Chair

It is thanks to Waldorf that I keep a very open mind and am interested in all that goes on around me. I truly love what I do and am constantly learning and eager to learn more…
– Kevin Rasmussen, Class of 1999, Cinematographer




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