A Parent’s Perspective

A Joyful and Secure Experience - A Parent’s Perspective

It is a crisp Fall morning as my 11-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son get ready for school. I feel as if everything seems rushed as we try to get to school on time, and this makes me stressed. Thank goodness we live near the school. There is so much to do, that as we leave, I'm already planning most of the day before I lock the door to walk to school.

Ten minutes later, we're at the school and thankfully on time. My daughter kisses me goodby before she runs off to join her classmates in the playground - I hope she didn't forget anything this time. Before we walk into the school I tie up the dog and check to see - does my son have his gloves, hat and scarf? Does he have the right footwear for today's weather? Did we remember to remove his pyjamas? We rush into his kindergarten classroom. Yet as I step through the door, I am suddenly aware of a completely different world. Around me are warm, quieting colours, inviting me in. My son is greeted with smiles and a loving hug then sent on his way to join the others in their rich imaginative play. The teacher is already beginning to prepare the bread that the children will bake and eat at snack. I find myself wishing I was 5-years-old too. But most of all, I am so happy that I am able to offer my children the experience of a Waldorf education.

Yes, Waldorf education is a unique world. Its history, philosophy, and curriculum are like no other and within them are the promise of an educational program that understands, loves, and respects the whole child. Much is being discussed and reported about the public educational system, and often the studies and examples of what is working and should be system-wide are already part of the Waldorf method.

Our school is a community - parents and educators drawn together to provide a holistic and transformative education, not just an academic one. It speaks to all aspects of the child, not just the head alone. It is respectful of all races, ethnic groups, and religions, finding a place for many cultures in the school curriculum. Even parents find their own growth and development is valued and nurtured.

Our school is a healthy community that fosters the growth of all individuals connected with it - individuals who lend their strength to the development of the school. The most successful schools are those where parents are involved and that active support plays a strong role in the fabric of our school - from celebrating festivals and fairs to supporting the teacher with driving. Ripples can extend widely if we allow education and society to bring forth the best in each other.

The Halton Waldorf School is part of an international network of approximately 800 Waldorf (or Steiner) schools that share in a rich, 80-year history in providing a classical, academic education enlivened by the arts. Our approach is renowned for its insights into the developing child. Our goal is to foster qualities of confidence, independence and capable intelligence in the children we teach. Waldorf is the fastest growing, non-denominational school movement in the world.

Find out why parents are turning towards the Waldorf model to meet the educational needs of their children.