An experience that stays with you for life

Parents considering Waldorf education want to know what happens after. According to Harm Paschen from the University of Bielefeld in Germany, studies of European Waldorf high school grads show that Waldorf graduates do very well:
- they are as likely or more likely to attend college than students from public or other private schools
- after college they are more likely to be employed than non-Waldorf grads
- they are disproportionately well represented in teaching, the arts, business, medicine and the social services professions
Associate Directors for universities in the U.S. have been heard to be very enthusiastic about Waldorf grads. One for Columbia University told a student, "We love Waldorf kids. We reject some students with 1600s on their SATs and accept others based on other factors, like the creative ability Waldorf students demonstrate."

For those interested in what a Waldorf education can do for your children, there is no better confirmation than what the graduates themselves have to say.

Graduates of Halton Waldorf have started sending in their experiences at the school along with an update as to what they are doing now (we have provided a Questionnaire to help). We are proud to present some of the feedback.

For you alumni out there, this is your home. Soon we will have an online form that will make it easier for you to keep us up-to-date. We invite you to fill out our mini-questionnaire and email them to the Halton Waldorf link.

If you have any info on a Waldorf graduate or are interested in joining a committee to gather alumni info, please contact Siobhan at

To Waldorf/Steiner graduates from around the world who are living in the Halton/Mississauga region, we would also like to extend an invitation to think of us as your "home away from home." Feel free to contact us (e-mail, phone, postal service) or drop by for a visit. We'd love to meet and hear from you!