Enrolling Grades 9 and 10, Fall 2018

Building on the growing success of our elementary school, we are excited to offer grade 9 and 10 for September 2018, with plans to expand to a full high school by 2020. Discover the inspiring and engaging Waldorf high school curriculum found in 43 high schools across North America. This rigorous, high quality education emphasizes science, humanities, the arts and practical experiences in BALANCE; the whole of the Waldorf curriculum allows teenagers to find purpose and direction in their lives.

Not overwhelmed, not pressured, just motivated. Rather than teaching to the test, Waldorf education is HANDS ON experiential learning that creates motivated, curious, critical thinkers, ready to take on the uncertainties of the 21st century. Multi-disciplinary instruction, teaching that engages different learning styles and acknowledges multiple intelligences, block style learning, CHARACTER EDUCATION - these are but a few of the hallmarks of what Waldorf does best. Waldorf students achieve excellent academic results worldwide, with over 94% of Waldorf graduates attending university and college.

Connect to why Waldorf works:  the Waldorf difference

The use of a series of MAIN LESSON blocks for core academic subjects is the foundation of the high school curriculum. Approximately 10-12 Main Lessons each year, taught by specialist faculty over a period of three to four weeks each, explore one subject intensively through seminar style lectures, discussions and scientific observations and artistic projects. This academic immersion in a subject engages the students and enriches their classroom experience, creating an authentic inner enthusiasm for learning.

In addition to the Main Lesson, daily skills lessons complete the Waldorf curriculum; for example, Math, Science, Humanities, World Languages, Health and Physical Ed, Performance Arts, Music, Visual Arts, Business, Computer Science, Technology and Design. The Waldorf high school curriculum meets and exceeds all of the diploma requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education (OSSD).

With you all the way. When you join a Waldorf school, your family joins our community and in turn, we SUPPORT your family as you navigate the exciting years of adolescence. We value our human connections more strongly now than ever, and we invite you to make Waldorf education the best choice for your teenager, guiding them to be unique individuals with CONFIDENCE and purpose.

For more information, please contact us at info@haltonwaldorf.com or 905-331-4387.

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