Grade 1 Curriculum

In grade one, the students are stepping into a new developmental stage and they are now ready to learn the new form of working in a classroom environment.

The curriculum content supports the student of this age in many ways. The letters of the alphabet are brought to the students through classic fairy tales and folk tales which are chosen to the archetypical images and universal truths. The students hear the story, draw pictures from it, then discover a letter within the picture as guided by the teacher. The teacher also introduces speech work.

Students experience the world of numbers through experiential activities. They dance, step, clap and transfer this bodily understanding into appreciating the quality of specific numbers, their relationships in the form of times tables and work with addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. In addition to movement and rhythm, materials such as beeswax, beads, and gems are often used to support the students’ tactile understanding of mathematical concepts.

Grade one form drawing works mainly with the straight and curved line. It strengthens spatial orientation, and prepares students for writing and geometry.


HaltonWaldorf, Sunflower Ceremony,photo

At September’s first assembly, each grade one student is welcomed with a flower from a grade eight student who will be their buddy for the year. In June, the grade ones will give a farewell rose to the grade eights as they graduate.

20151002_115810 (2)

Our Michaelmas Festival in the fall includes time for the students to help take care of the school. Here the grade ones and grade eights plant spring bulbs together.


Autumn paintings created by the grade one children.


The nature corner in the grade one classroom changes along with the seasons.

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