Grade 8 trip to Camp Wenonah, June 2016

HWS Grade 8s at Camp Wenonah 1

Blue skies, nothing but blue skies is what the Grade 8 class, Greg Csefko and I had at Camp Wenonah last week. This was the last field trip to celebrate all the hard work and many accomplishments which have led to the amazing growth of our students.

The four days were fun and the bugs were almost non-existent.  That made it a real treat as the students engaged in many activities with their amazing counsellors.  Some of the activities included canoeing, tennis, wall climbing, stock exchange game, dangle a maze, sailing, mini golf, cardio pictionary and monster relay. Each activity presenting some degree of challenge which they took on in stride.  It was very evident that they benefited, on many levels, from their Temagami trip at the start of the year.

HWS Grade 8s at Camp Wenonah

My favourite memory was at the campfire on the last night. From the wooden stage, the class performed some of their Parent and Grandparent Festival presentations and many songs from music classes over the years.  Although they hadn’t practised for a very long time, they had fun performing the choreography and using twigs for shovels, cellos and violins as they did their 16 Tons rendition with guitars provided by the camp. The class sounded like angels when they sang their beautiful arrangement of Black is the Colour song with the glow of the fire on their expressive faces. The counsellors told Greg and I that they have never had a campfire experience like that – not one traditional campfire song.  They could see just how close and musical the students really are compared to other groups. I can still picture and hear those extraordinary performances – and will cherish them forever.

As Greg and I bid farewell to the camp counsellors, they had nothing but praise for our teens. They told us our class was a pleasure to work with because they are an energetic, positive group that listen well and participate with confidence. The weather may have been remarkable for those four days but so were our Grade 8 students!

A very grateful and proud Grade 8 mom, Patti Zettel

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