Grade 8 Curriculum

In grade eight, the students adjust to early adolescence. The young person seems more robust than in the previous year. The world of ideas begins to take on meaning for the 14 year old, and the critical faculties are noticeably sharper. At the same time, the elements of reasoning and self-reflection are steadily emerging. A search begins for new authority figures and social forms and school subjects nurture the students’ development during this pivotal year.

The Grade 8 curriculum includes:

History: the history from the 17th century to modern times focusing on the profound social consequences of the revolutions (the French Revolution, the American Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution).
Physics: a study of the phenomena of optics (refraction), thermal physics (the steam engine and the three states of matter), hydraulics and aero-mechanics, and electromagnetism and the building of a small motor.
Physiology: the continued study of the human body with an emphasis on the nervous system, the muscles and the skeletal system.
Chemistry: photosynthesis, plant produced substances such as sugar, starch and carbohydrates, proteins and fats that build up the human organism.
Mathematics: expanded work with algebra, polynomials, and integers, working with equations on the coordinate plane, working with different number bases leading to the binary number system, increased work with the Pythagorean Theorem, and measurement involving area and volume.
Geometry: Platonic Solids
Language Arts: the study of short stories, biographies and historical fiction, development of greater complexity in composition through writing in various styles, and concluding the year with a large-scale dramatic production.
Geography: world geography bringing together physical, cultural, spiritual, and political conditions to create a vivid picture of the earth as a totality.
Meteorology: explores the aspects of the world’s water and air systems that make up the earth’s climate, our own local weather patterns, looking at temperature, air pressure, rainfall and cloud formations.
Subject Lessons: French, art, handwork, woodwork, music, and ensemble, gym

Other Special Features of the Grade 8 Year are:

  • Social work for, or in, the community
  • Grade 8 Project which focuses on a topic of the students’ choice which they research and present to the audience of the school (see the spring 2016 projects)
  • Week long wilderness trip
  • Class play
  • Being introduced to a buddy in the grade one class and helping them throughout the year with various activities

Much was learned during the week long wilderness trip.

As part of their health and safety unit, the grade eights visited both Toyota’s Cambridge plant and Hamilton’s Steam Museum.


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