Grade 7 Curriculum

Grade seven students move steadily into early adolescence and two basic characteristics accompany this developmental stage: a strong desire for knowledge about the world and a budding capacity for self-reflection. Grade seven students feel a yearning for independence and creative exploration while at the same time wrestling with a certain anxiety and emotional vulnerability. The teacher nurtures their growing capacity for independent critical thought, particularly in the science and mathematics. The humanities encourage them to creatively express a wide range of human emotion. They are given biographies of striving individuals who have made an impression on the world and taken responsibility for their actions.

The Grade 7 curriculum includes:

History: High Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Age of Discovery
Geometry: triangles, pentagram within a circle, Fibonacci number series and Golden Proportion
Geography: physical landscape, peoples and customs of the African continent
Mathematics: algebra with formulae, equations, positive and negative numbers, proportion and ratio, graphing and co-ordinates
Physics: study of the phenomena of acoustics, optics, thermal physics, sound and heat, electricity, battery power, mechanics and levers
Creative Writing: focus on the emotional expression of wishes, wonder and surprise
Astronomy: study of the sky and stars, reference points and constellations, rhythm of the earth’s movement around the sun, phases of the moon and the planets
Physiology: digestive, respiratory, circulatory and reproductive systems
Chemistry: combustion, acids and bases and the pH scale, the lime cycle
Class Play: the topic may come out of the curriculum or contain a theme which corresponds to the developmental stage of the seventh graders
Class Trips: can either be cultural or a wilderness trip or both
Subject Lessons: French, art, handwork, woodwork, music, ensemble, and gym


Grade seven includes learning complicated circus acts and the class performed beautifully at our Parent Festival.

Our grade seven students made this rainbow of acids and bases with red cabbage juice.

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