Grade 5 Curriculum

Students in grade five are at a pivotal point between childhood and young adulthood. A reflection of this development stage is their coordinated, balanced and harmonious movements. Cognitively the students are more able to understand questions and phenomena in a realistic and reasoning manner. The celebration of their abilities culminates in their participation in the spring in the Greek pentathlon, an Olympiad event with other regional Waldorf Schools.

History and geography become separate main lesson subjects. As the students study the progress of humanity through many phases of consciousness they are led to see themselves and the age they live in as heirs of an evolutionary process that they in turn will carry forward.

The Grade 5 curriculum includes:

Language Arts: grammar and composition, spelling, reading, drama
Mathematics: applying addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to fractions and mixed numbers and decimals, problem solving and free hand geometry
Science: botany
Geography: North America with an emphasis on Canada
History: Ancient India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece
Woodworking: spinning top
Handwork: working on four needles
Music: singing, recorder, string or recorder ensemble
Gym: Greek pentathlon
Visual Arts: Painting, clay sculpture
Subject Lessons: French, German, music, ensemble (recorder or a string instrument), handwork, woodwork, art and gym
Class Plays: a group part as the dragon in the Michaelmas Play, and an additional play related to the curriculum
Class Trips: Greek Olympics, camping, curriculum related day trips


Every fall as part of the Michaelmas Festival, our grade five students perform together as the evil dragon that brave George must defeat to save the villagers and princess.


Grade five students take part in school ski trips each winter.



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